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  • Paddy field, high or wide?

    Paddy field, high or wide?

    Sometimes an image (from Nepal or elsewhere) hesitates on the better orientation to give to the photographer. Which one of these two Nepalese paddy fields would you choose?

  • Mount Everest

    Mount Everest

    When visiting Nepal, I could take a plane trip for some sight seeing, from Kathmandu to the Mount Everest (the highest point of our world at 8848m or 29028ft). Its Nepalese name is Sagarmāthā (Nepali: सगरमाथा), and it is very near to the Lhotse, another 8000-summit (precisely 8516m or 27940ft). The image here was taken…

  • Crappy bridges

    Even the local guy does not seem too sure about it! YouTube link I’m not prone to vertigo, but I would not try it. I am happy being currently in Nepal and not in Pakistan. Wait! Here is a bridge in Nepal: YouTube link

  • Why did my colleagues help me?

    Why did my colleagues help me?

    I am leaving France for a photo trip to Nepal. Why did my colleagues pay a part of that trip?

  • Bought a new lens converter

    Bought a new lens converter

    I’m just out of eBay where I bought a second-hand Minolta 1.4x lens converter to extend a little my tele-lenses when I put them on my Sony Alpha 700 and the old faithful Konica-Minolta Dynax Maxxum 7D. I think it is going to support me when I go to Nepal (Bardia National Park) in next…