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  • Fast forward to 29,029 ft (Mount Everest)

    Mount Everest is high. No. It’s the highest point on Earth and it is 29,029-feet high. Do you see what it really means? This is too high to easily recognize. So, Richard Johnson, Bonnie Berkowitz, and Lazaro Gamio provided a web page with a long graphical representation of this height. You can visit at Scaling…

  • Kathmandu, skilled craftsmen

    Kathmandu, skilled craftsmen

    In a Nepalese city, like Kathmandu, you quickly notice that the industry is small but very accessible, meaning that you can walk to the people involved in tradesmanship or craftsmanship. Since most Nepalese people are accepting your taking pictures or willing to see the photos you just shot, it’s very pleasant to shoot such images…

  • Kathmandu


    Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal. I stopped there twice during my recent trip to this Himalayan kingdom-gone-republic. The city was pleasant to visit if a bit too loaded with tourists for my taste (the first baseball cap is already too much for me). But I got a few images from it. Here are a…

  • Nepalese people

    Nepalese people

    During a (forced) stop in one of the journeys between cities in Nepal when I recently traveled in this Himalayan country, I took a short moment to do some portraiture in the setting sun. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the picture

  • Nepal with Amawanda – Nepalese dragonfly

    Nepal with Amawanda – Nepalese dragonfly

    Back from a few days of photo trip to Nepal, I feel it is time to share with you some of this astonishing experience organized by Amawanda and guided by Alain Pons. I am more or less a wildlife photographer attracted to the African wide-open spaces. But I had been attracted mostly by the presence…

  • Doom is back in 2009 – A leak from Nepal

    Doom is back in 2009 – A leak from Nepal

    So, the great FPS game will be back before the end of the year 2009. Either the launch campaign started early in Nepal or the bus drivers are using their vehicles as video game weapons (the latter would explain the extraordinarily high frequency of dramatic road accidents there).