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  • Artificial Intelligence to upscale photographs

    Artificial Intelligence to upscale photographs

    Did you notice that I am interested with/attracted by Artificial Intelligence? Among various tests, here is a nice little resulting application for digital photographers. I finally found how to significantly (x4) increase the resolution of my photographic pictures (upscaling) without loss of details. An AI allowed me to recreate the “missing pixels” to build a…

  • Surprise! You can find color in B&W photos

    Surprise! You can find color in B&W photos

    This is easy to reduce a color photo to a B&W image (any photo software or any B&W photocopier can do it). But the reverse operation seems difficult at best, impossible in most cases. However, a team of French scientists from the French INRIA (Guillaume Charpiat, Matthias Hofmann et Bernhard Schölkopf) presented recently an algorithm…

  • A few LifeHacker posts about Photoshop

    I have collected a few posts at LifeHacker that I wanted to share with you because they are concentrating on some easy and powerful techniques to be used with Photoshop. Create Eye Catching Color Effects on Black-and-White Photos Create Photorealistic Reflections in Photoshop Reduce Redundancy by Creating Photoshop Actions

  • Wine is coming to Linux

    Usually, I would not comment about upcoming software applications and tools, but today there is an rumour that may be very important. We all know that switching from Windows to Linux is a difficult move because we have been used to so many applications available on one Operating System but not on the other (in…

  • Photoshop: 101 tips and tricks (ebook for free)

    SitePoint is giving away (for a limited time only) an excellent e-book about PhotoShop. It’s well worth the effort to donwload the PDF file. SitePoint sensational Photoshop book is now FREE to Download!