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  • Sex ed – 2 conflicting options

    I am unsure which one is the best approach to teenager sex education… YouTube link YouTube link from Miss Lovecraft

  • No sex, no eyes

    No sex, no eyes

    Will you be able to read the text? Maybe you do not have perfectly good eyes and you should blink a little.

  • Don’t date Japanese married women

    Don’t date Japanese married women

    In most circumstances, men should avoid dating married women. There are plenty of good and bad reasons against it. But it’s even more critically true when she is married to a Japanese man. At the very least, you should be ready to face the involved risks, which go much farther than mere STM diseases. Get…

  • Top 10 sexiest actresses, Sci-Fi movie category

    Is there a more explosive combination than a good Science Fiction flick synopsis/scenario and a totally sexy actress? In my opinion, not really. So, it is time to award the Roumazeilles.net top-10 sexiest actresses of the history of Science Fiction (sorted from the less sexy to the most sexy). 10 – Tina Turner (Aunty Entity…