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  • Model train lovers, get your magnifying glass!

    Really! It will be in strong need to admire this Z-scale model of an N-gauge train. It’s real small (it was used to recreate a small model train going in a shop window inside a Z-scale model train). Admire the wonderful work of art! YouTube link

  • Maglev trains: Toys and games

    Magnetic levitation is considered by some as the future of train technology. Several real trains have actually been created (the German industry has been a pioneer and is in a strong competition with Japan for the development of such MagLev trains or Magnetic Levitation trains). But did you really see how it works? It’s easy.…

  • The largest model railway in the world

    YouTube link I am a great fan of miniature model railways. But this one is all railways, locomotive, trains geeks want. It’s ok for kids as well as adults.

  • The train that never stops

    How do you board a train if you decide that it will never stop? A taiwanese engineer seems to have got the right idea. Link to YouTube Source: DeputyDog.