Maglev trains: Toys and games

Magnetic levitation is considered by some as the future of train technology. Several real trains have actually been created (the German industry has been a pioneer and is in a strong competition with Japan for the development of such MagLev trains or Magnetic Levitation trains). But did you really see how it works? It’s easy. Check this demonstration with maglev toy trains.

YouTube link

The tracks are made of traditional magnets and the train contain a big super-conducting magnet (cooled down by liquid nitrogen to maintain its super-conducting characteristics). Everything is relying heavily on magnetic fields. So, not surprisingly, these fields can be observed in the real train. The following video — shot on the Rokko Liner in Kobe, Japan — shows metal paper clips dancing on the stray magnetic fields of such a Maglev train, going through the floor of one of the passenger cars.

YouTube link

Don’t drop your credit card (or an age-old floppy disk) on the floor for fear of seeing it quickly erased.

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