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  • Orcas, videos I loved

    Orcas, videos I loved

    I know! This looks like advertisement for a certain diving company. But I don’t care, I don’t know them. And the videos are awesome. Check the second video and observe the hunting technique. Look at how the orcas use their tail to stun fish (you should hear the noise of the tail hitting fish). I…

  • Next time I dive, I want to meet this shark

    Next time I dive, I want to meet this shark

    Let’s admit that it won’t be easy to see such a whale shark baby playing (or discovering how to play) with the bubbles produced by scuba divers. So cute a baby! Source: Requin-Blanc.

  • Humpback whales in Tonga

    Humpback whales in Tonga

    Two great videos. Quite different, but both amazing. The first one is really about being there at the right time (and being cool enough to keep shooting the video the whole time): The second is shot from a profesional drone and shows a very interesting behaviour (two males battling for the privilege of swimming around with…

  • Cute baby pandas

    Cute baby pandas

    Try and work in these conditions! And I thought that People’s Republic of China had unions to protect workers…

  • Southern Right Whales

    As seen from the cliffs in Hermanus, South Africa. August 2015.

  • Pinnipeds

    Aren’t they cute these pinnipeds?