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  • The world’s coldest surf photographer

    Chris Burkard is totally out of his mind, and he’s a surf photographer who decided to explore the world’s coldest waves. He brought back images, videos and a TEDtalk presentation which are really exceptionnal:

  • Fast forward to 29,029 ft (Mount Everest)

    Mount Everest is high. No. It’s the highest point on Earth and it is 29,029-feet high. Do you see what it really means? This is too high to easily recognize. So, Richard Johnson, Bonnie Berkowitz, and Lazaro Gamio provided a web page with a long graphical representation of this height. You can visit at Scaling…

  • Polar bear hunting – Seen from the prey’s eyes

    Polar bear hunting – Seen from the prey’s eyes

    Filmmaker Gordon Buchanan, while shooting a BBC documentary in Svalbard, Norway, experienced being considered as a prey worth hunting. Despite ending with no killing (the glass cage was strong enough), this must have been a real moment of stress. Some of the photos shot by Gordon are in the article published in the Daily Mail…

  • It’s broken… Try again now!

    It’s broken… Try again now!

    Maintenance Percussive from Duncan Robson on Vimeo. No need for an engineer’s degree!

  • Let Particle Physics have fun

    I don’t know why but this video clip attracts me strangely. Even if I don’t understand all the advanced notions that are evocated quickly one after the other, (I am not really up-to-date despite all my efforts to understand some of it), I bow in front of the enormous work to adapt Queen’s music (Bohemian…

  • Polar bear: King of the Artic world

    The polar bear is a fascinating animal. Marion Jonchères presents it in a photo and video documentary. L'Ours Polaire – roi de l'Arctique par mjoncheres