Northern fulmar – Water drawing

(August 27th, 2016)

Northern fulmar [panorama]

Northern fulmar (Fulmarus glacialis, Fulmar boréal).
Lower Savage Islands, Nunavut, Canada.
August 2016.

Fantastic narwhals!

(August 25th, 2016)

The Narwhal is a (small) toothed whale rather extraordinary because it holds a kind of long protruding spiral tusk (actually an overdevelopped toothwhich can reach up to 4 meters in adult males). Rather discreet (small blow, defintely timid), the narwhal is not easy to observe. But during our crossing of the Bellot Strait, we were lucky enough to observe a group (a pod, according to the specialists) at short range and they pleasantly presented their tusks for our observation.

A very intense emotion for a short encounter!

Narwhals (two tusks visible)

Narwhal (Monodon monoceros, Narval).
Bellot Strait, Nunavut, Canada.
August 2016.

Back from Nunavut

(August 25th, 2016)

2016: A cold year where we went to the Arctic North of Canada (in the state of Nunavut, also known as the Inuit country). It was a trip organized by OneOcean Expeditions and that we joined thanks to the help of Polar Cruises:
OneOcean Expeditions (logo)

  • A scientific research vessel from Russia reconverted into an expedition ship, Akademik Ioffe,
  • a few tens of passangers,
  • a staff of more than twenty people (zodiac pilotes as well as polar bear scientist from the San Diego zoo),
  • a trip bringing us from Iqaluit (South of Baffin Island) to Resolute Bay (base camp for many North Pole expeditions),
  • for:
    • wildlife observation,
    • encounters with the Inuit culture and people,
    • discovery of the history of Arctic Canada arctique by the pionneers coming from Europe.

I will publish here some of my best photos from this trip (wildlife is not really dense in the Arctic, but we met many animals: Polar bears, sea birds, seals, musk oxen, whales (both toothed whales and baleen whales), etc.) but I would like to thank the staff right away. The whole staff and crew offered a warm welcome during these 2+ weeks; All stars converged to make this trip memorable.

In the coming days: trip images, to allow you sharing some of the strongest moments we lived through.

Canada + Nunavut flags

Grizzli fight

(June 24th, 2016)

During a recent visit to the La Flèche zoo (in France, South of Le Mans), I had the opportunity to stop for a small time in front of the grizzlis’ enclosure. Three nice bears (2 males and one female) with enough space to frolic around and young enough to love demonstrating their strength in relatively violent games.

I would not want to be standing on the path of the paws when they thump each other, even if they visibly don’t intend to hurt themselves. Combat sports of sorts.

Even more spectacular, the two fights I wtnessed were happening in the small marsh at the bottom of their enclosure, adding
Encore plus spectaculaire, les deux combats que j’ai pu voir se déroulaient dans l’espace aquatique en bas de leur enclos, adding water splashes to the sudden moves of the animals.

Many snapshots, many misses, a few good ones that I want to share here.

Grizzli fight
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Cute baby pandas

(May 18th, 2016)

Try and work in these conditions!

And I thought that People’s Republic of China had unions to protect workers…

PHP7 for WordPress

(May 2nd, 2016)

My hosting company ( is very cautious and does not push me into upgrading silently PHP on the servers. But I was still in PHP5 when I noticed that I could go up to PHP7.

WordPress informs me that the simple upgrade could improve speed by a ratio of 2x to 3x. So, it was easy to try.

Apart from an old plug-in which appeared unable to tolerate PHP7 (and that I was no longer using), the upgrade went well: I recommend the enormous speed increase for the web sites. This will be positive for my Page Rank in Google, for sure.

Bitcoin: Is it the end?

(January 19th, 2016)

The national press (newspapers and TV) regularly come back to Bitcoin, this decentralized currency that some would announce as going to replace all other world currencies. Some also think that the technology solutions included in Bitcoin are the groundwork for all future world finance (Nothing less!)

But it may be less nice that that. And much more complicated according to Mike Hearn, one of the designers of Bitcoin.

Food for thought: “The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment” (relatively geek content, but clearly built).


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Orange bird

(December 3rd, 2015)


iSimangaliso Eastern Park, South Africa, August 2015.

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Zebras at a cross-over

(December 1st, 2015)

Zebres, noirs et blancs

iSimangaliso Eastern Park, South Africa, August 2015.

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Zebras: Zooming in

(November 29th, 2015)



Sometimes, the wildlife photographer will reach out and go near the animal subject (it’s easier with an herbivorous zebra).

iSimangaliso Eastern Park, South Africa, August 2015.

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