Default calendar in iOS

(February 4th, 2015)

iOS calendarWhen I recently replaced my ageing iPhone, I had to install some applications again and I encountered a little issue: Since I have several calendars all in the same phone (my office Outlook agenda, the personal calendar from Google, and some others), the phone insisted on creating all my new meetings in the wrong calendar.

I had to change the calendar used “by default” by the iOS Calendars application. Nothing really difficult except that it took me hours to find how to do it. Here is the right way:

  • Open the Settings applet
  • Select Mail, Contacts & Calendars
  • Scroll down to the Calendars category
  • Select Default Calendar
  • Choose the calendar you want to select

That’s all folks! But I advise you not to change it too often. And, this is better if you do not have too many calendars on the same screen (you’d easily be lost in the diversity).

Happy Birthday HAL-9000!

(January 12th, 2015)

It’s on January 12th, 1992 that, according to Arthur C. Clarke, was born HAL-9000, the computer from “2001, A space Odyssey” (the book from Arthur C. Clarke and the movie from Stanley Kubrick). Actually, the first time it was powered on. So, it is exactly 23-year old today. Happy birthday HAL-9000!

HAL-9000 - The computer from '2001, A space Odyssey'

HAL-9000 is an Artificial Intelligence computer (the AI word was common then) that takes its own destiny in its virtual hands while killing the human astronauts on board a futuristic spaceship.

I recommend specially both the novel and the movie.


(January 7th, 2015)

In solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, the victims of 7 January 2015 and all defenders of freedom of expression.


The bastards can kill, but they will never be right.

Happy new year

(December 23rd, 2014)

Carte de voeux

Panda discovers Toronto’s snow

(November 26th, 2014)

Synology on a sub-domain (with a dynamic IP address)

(September 28th, 2014)

My problem:

I’ve got a Fiber connexion to the Internet (at Numéricable, one of the main ISP in France) which is forcing a dynamic IP address on me (no fixed IP address, even with a premium; They’ve settled in the XXth century). This would not be very serious except that I host a RAID server from Synology (a DS413j DiskStation with 4 hard drives in RAID-5 redundant mode) which provides several services I would like to share with the Internet (while I’m travelling with my iPhone or my laptop, I’d like to get access to my files through FTP, or my email server).

So, I decided to set things right in order to appropriately locate the Synology DiskStation in a sub-domain of my own (e.g.

The solution I opted for:

Dynamic IP addess:

Since my IP address is dynamic, there’s no way I can progress until I solved this single issue. I chose to use the DDNS service DDNS from Synology. Since I use DSM 5.0 (the most recent software version from Synology), I can reach the appropriate option through the control panel and the “External access” menu. I just added a DDNS, selecting Synology as a service supplier, and I recorded the name I wanted (let’s say ds). From this point, despite the IP address changes, my DiskStation is always accessible at

DNS subdomain:

After that, I need to point onto This is slightly more complex because my domain nam is reserved atz Gandi and it is pointed toward a server hosted by OVH. It’s the hosted server (rented from OVH) which includes all the information relating to So, I went to my server control panel and, in its DNS configuration, I modified (in your case, you may need to add) a CNAME record.

mail 10800 IN CNAME (Don’t forget the final dot/period in your CNAME entry, or it won’t work!)
Since I am lucky, my control panel at OVH includes an easy way to get the correct syntax (it’s safer): I tell it the mail subdomain is described by a CNAME record pointing to (a bit terse, but not difficult).

Then, I only had to wait for the DNS information to “propagate” (from a few minutes to a few hours, sometimes up to 24-48 hours). And a little check using ping confirmed that it answered from my Numéricable IP address.

Explore Mount Everest (in photo)

(September 18th, 2014)

An impressive photograph shot at (very) high resolution from the first slopes of the Pumori looking at the Mount Everest, where you will be able to immerse yourself into for hours (just click onto the picture below):

Mount Everest

You can simply spend hours exploring the rocks, the ice of the glaciers or look for the expeditions climbing Mount Everest (the very first ones are still far from the summit). And you will also discover that traffic jams occur even at the top of the world…

Steam locomotive

(August 18th, 2014)

These old steam locomotives look great on their ancient engravings.

Amoskeag Manufacturing Co.

Wm. Mason, Taunton

Source: Bibliodyssey

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Polar bear hunting – Seen from the prey’s eyes

(July 27th, 2014)

Filmmaker Gordon Buchanan, while shooting a BBC documentary in Svalbard, Norway, experienced being considered as a prey worth hunting. Despite ending with no killing (the glass cage was strong enough), this must have been a real moment of stress.

Some of the photos shot by Gordon are in the article published in the Daily Mail Online.

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Baroque garden pavillon (Melk Abbey)

(July 20th, 2014)

Finally, still in the Melk Abbet (Austria), you can find a nice little garden pavillon (transformed into a quiet little pub) whose baroque painted decor is worth a few minutes.

Stift Melk (baroque pavillon) Stift Melk (baroque pavillon)
Stift Melk (baroque pavillon) Stift Melk (baroque pavillon)
Stift Melk (baroque pavillon) Stift Melk (baroque pavillon)

The exotic animals reminded me of wildlife safari photo trips…

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