PhotoShop Express online – a few reviews

This was a little event a few days ago: Adobe launched its first beta version of the online PhotoShop under the name of Photoshop Express. As it was easy to predict, it’s not as simple as marketing would like you to believe and you cannot replace one by the other as most of the reviews… Read More

Upgrade your Canon camera to OpenSource nirvana

If you have a simple Point-n-Shoot digital camera, you may not know it, but you are limited more by the marketing teams than by the real technical constraints of your hardware. But if your camera is from Canon you may find an easy way out. The Canon Hacker’s Development Kit is an open-source software project… Read More

2007: 131 million photo cameras

According to IDC, the sales of photo cameras progressed by 24% in 2007 to 131 million cameras. The global market is in the hands of several companies: Canon: 24.5 millions (18%) Sony: 20.9 millions (16%) Kodak: 12.6 millions (10%) Samsung: 11.7 millions (9%) Nikon: 11.4 mililons (8.4%) Olympus: 11.3 mililons (8.3%) For the SLR market… Read More

HDR photography, a few links

HDR photography (High Dynamic Range Photo) is a process where you take several photo pictures with very different exposures (different speeds or different apertures) and then use a software to pack them into one image packing the whole range of light. The result is often a little erie but allows to take images impossible to… Read More

Time-lapse sequences: How-to and a 20000-image example

If like me your a photographer who wouldn’t dare making a video, you still can think about doing a decent time-lapse sequence out of your photographs. However, this cannot happen just by taking images and loading them into a software. You must start by studying the lessons from’s Ultimate Guide to Time-Lapse Photography. When… Read More

Improve your photos, without effort and without Photoshop

… the day dream of all photographers. Instead of spending your nights playing with the setups, knobs and buttons of Photoshop (are any other similar software package), why not simply go through a process full automated, effortless, questionless, and with a nice little result? To be tested right now.

Poor man’s camera accessories

I recently stumbled upon several good ideas for the photographer (and cinematographer) with a limited budget. They seem quite simple and interesting to apply. Ring Flash for a penny For macro-photography and proxi-photography, a flash is often needed. But it is difficult to obtain a nice light not simply coming from the side (and casting… Read More

TSA recent failures

The TSA (or Transportation Security Administration) is in charge in the US of the organization the safe transportation of people in planes and through airports. Unfortunately, either they have a lot of other responsibilities (which is true) and fail at this one (which is also true), or they utterly incompetent at insuring the security of… Read More

A nice battery charger (dual and universal)

Wouldn’t you be tempted by a battery charger, adaptable to all sources (110V, 220V, 12V car plug), ready to receive simultaneously two battery types, and virtually any kind of photo battery? Delkin Dual Universal Battery Charger does it all. Furthermore, it was designed to receive interface plates for different battery types that, instead of shooting… Read More

Sony & Sigma on long tele zooms

Today’s launches in Las Vegas have the advantage of offering good opportunities to make interesting comparisons. First comes to my mind the opposition of two high-end tele-zooms that should interest the enthusiast photographer looking toward sports, wildlife and even portrait: Sigma APO 120-400mm f/4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM Sony 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G (SAL70300G) Tous les deux… Read More