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Boeing 737Complementing an article I wrote previously about renting planes (yes! yes! a business aircraft or business jet, exactly like the Hollywood stars and the international enterprise CEOs), I discovered a British company using the planes from NetJets (people who sell shared ownership into business jets (and up to the Boeing 737 equiped for 18 people – there is certainly more space for your legs)) but it puts them at your disposal as simply as when you rent a car from Hertz, Sixt or Europcar: European Sky Time rents sets of 25 hours of flight, straight from the United Kingdom.

I guess that some people will also be renting helicopters as well… Next time, we’ll see if Virgin Space is able to rent a space plane, too.

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  1. Generally speaking, NetJets offers shared ownership options with a minimum of guaranteed service (it looks very deep and detailled, perfectly adapted to most pro and private uses).

    The interest of European Sky Time is to offer true rental, including what they call Ad Hoc Charter (for less than 25h per year of total rental time). But the rental costs, as for rental cars, depend a lot on the initial negociation. Companies and some special clients can get additional services and/or price reductions, according to their specific situation or the plane type:

    • Citation Bravo / Premier 1
    • LearJet 45
    • LearJet 60 / Hawker 800
    • Challenger 604 / Falcon 2000

    Considering the wealth of these twinjets, I would not be able to give actual advice (my own experience here will certinaly stay limited until such time when one of the rental companies will decide to ask me to evaluate their prestations). But contact them directly following the links provided.

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