AdSense, delay to sense

Your blog contains AdSense ad banners and you are wondering whether they are always taking into account the real content of the articles you publish. A few remarks from a mere user.

For me, it is clear that Google Adsense banners are quite well targeted (they are said to be contextualised), and that has a positive impact on the exploitation and the corresponding financial results. However, I believe I noticed a small phenomenon that requires some attention.

There is a little delay before publication of the contextualized banners from AdSense on my web site. As a matter of fact, contextualized banners do not immediately occur. I think I identified the following steps:

  1. Presentation of public-service ads
  2. Presentation of ad banners contextualised only for the whole web site
  3. Presentation of final ad banners

The first situation only occurs shortly, but after initialising the AdSense account, there is a vast majority of public service ads. After a few days (or a few visits, I couldn’t tell), Google has a fairly clear idea of the web site contents and starts serving contextualised ads.

Now, each time a new page appears on the web site, associated banners are not always in relation with the information/news present in the new page. You will first notice ad banners relating to the whole site issues. In my own case (rather, in the case of, I first see ads for inkjet printer ink cartridges (this is undoubtedly a business sector investing a lot in online advertising) and for photography-related products (yet another consumer-related – consumers are obviously the most attractive target of online advertising).

It’s only after some time that Google starts serving ads perfectly in line with the article itself. This is very visible for articles slightly out of the mainstream issues of my web site. But it is also perceptible for more common ones.

My habit (and my advice to all those in a similar situation) is to systematically visit the new pae in order to help Google identify that the page exists (by merely publishing the ads once). Obviously, it is out of question to try and click on the banners by myself (this is prohibited by Google AdSense contract and it may invalidate it). But once seems to be sufficient (and necessary) to invite Google spiders to come and check the page to start the process.

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  1. I usually do not comment on blog posts but I found this quite interesting, so here goes. Thanks! Regards, P.

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