OpenOffice tip #1: Letter template

Nearly all users of a word processor have been faced with this minor annoyance of writing a passable commercial-like letter. But, worse, at the time of filling the envelope, you have to fight with a sheet of paper that would not accept to align itself with the address window of the envelope.

Today, I am happy to solve this dramatic problem for you (and it’s for free!). In order to save your patience and to avoid your determination would fail in front of this daunting task, I offer you a letter template (for OpenOffice v2.0) already prepared to the most common European standards and including two important advantages:

  • There is a small mark in the left margin to show where to fold the paper (and you will not have to share map-folding knowledge with martian grey men – who are the only ones with the needed practical intelligence to solve this car driver task).
  • The location of the address where to send the letter is designed in a transparent box located as precisely as possible to guarantee full readability of the address from the folder paper sheet (You will – still – have to put the paper sheet in the envelope with the address facing the right way. OpenOffice cannot help here).

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  1. Very nice information. Thanks for the time put into the blog you wrote.

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