Click Monkeys: Google Ads fraud for you

Advertisments shown by Google on web sites (like mine) are subject to various types of frauds. For example, there are site owners who rush to click their own ads in order to increase their earnings (sometimes using software packages or robots, even if this is prohibited by Google whatever mean you use). There is also those who click of the ad banners of the competition (hoping to have them spend uselessly their marketing budget).

Whatever the origin, this is a permanent competition between the sword and the shell. Google must defend its customers buying ad space (marketers), minimize the problem (to avoid them being afraid) and to fight/chase fraudsters (in order to keep it all down).

But here is also Click Monkeys a web site that pretends to offer you the best way to automate your Google AdWords/Google AdSense frauds. Ok! This is all a pun, and not a serious business proposal. But I loved the idea of organizing international ad fraud using trained monkeys 🙂

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