SD14: Sigma tells it all about its new DSLR (like the competition)

Really! The way it goes in marketing departments all over the world, the Photokina in Cologne next month (from September 26th, 2006) will have nothing left to announce. At least, on the segment of Digital Single Lens Reflex (D-SLR) cameras. All the news will be out: Sony launched its Alpha A100 in July, Nikon just presented its fresh new D80, Pentax gave enough hints about the new K10D series, Canon called the press for its new entry-level DSLR camera (Canon 400D or Rebel Xti). Sigma was still missing, but it’s going to change.

Sigma started the promotion of its upcoming SD14 on the Sigma web site specially open for it. You’ll find a Flash teaser that doesn’t say much, but the use of a new sensor from the excellent Foveon X3 series (they decode the three basic colors on eah pixel leading to an improved resolution and an excellent color quality).

Shouldn’t the name point to a 14 million-pixel resolution? I’ll tell you more, when I have more.



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