Vista: Time for 64 bits

While Vista will soon be available in a 64-bit version (and that GNU/Linux went down this path several months ago), it is time to ponder the following question:

“Do we need to go 64 bits?”

And the answer is surprisingly simple if you look at it. Currently, PC are more and more often equiped with 1GB central RAM memory. Some enthusiasts (video games users and those intensely using photo and graphic software applications) already went to 2GB. But, there, we are reaching the limits of what 32-bit Operating Systems can do naturally.

This is the exact reason why 64-bit Operating Systems where created. So, if you think you are a user of big machines (or will be), the clock is already ticking. Do not forget that Windows XP was asking 500MB of memory for its own use and that Vista is announced with a minimal personal claim on 700MB of RAM. If you buy a Windows Vista license in the coming months (and you don’t intend to play the software upgrade game too soon in case of hardware upgrade), it is time for you to look toward the 64-bit version of Windows.

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