Canon EOS 40D in March 2007

Canon logoLet’s try a prediction (I was about to say prevision). While the end of 2006 was clearly marked by the lauch of digital cameras to attract some of the less wealthy to digital single lens reflex cameras (or D-SLR) with new products like the Canon 400D (Rebel Xti) or the Nikon D40, I can foresee a beginning of 2007 with a flood of high-end digital single lens reflex cameras.

We are alweady waiting for the Sigma SD14 (unfortunately delayed by a hardware bug, they say) and the Fuji S5 pro that should be quickly followed by an impressive Pentax K10D (10 MP, all-weather hardware preparation, stabilised image sensor with dust removal and excellent color image quality). Now, I can see the arrival of the high-end replacements from Canon and Nikon. These companies did not say anything yet, but the rumour has it that the Canon EOS 30D will soon be replaced by a new EOS 40D that is eagerly awaited by Canon lovers.

Quick translation from Korean: Canon EOS 40D features : 10Mp, x1.6 (normal sensor size for Canon), DIGIC III, 5fps (fast!), dust removal (it was awaited by most), ISO 100 to 3200 sensitivity, AF improvements (PMA in March 2007) – 1200 Euros (Yes!)

There were even some additonal rumours coming from South Korea a few days ago: An article posted on

But there is even better. December is the month of a promotional campaign for the Canon EOS 30D: 150 euros coupon when buying an EOS 30D. The last time we saw something similar it was in November 2005, a promo coupon for the Canon 20D just 4 months before the launch of the Canon EOS 30D. So, I’d say that we are 3-4 months from its replacement (still named 40D by the street).

I let you choose if this is another rumour (we are indeed waiting a long time for this new beast from Canon) or if there fire behind the smoke.

PS: Please note that the 40D name seems to have such a high probability that a BKphoto advertisment [PDF] even used this name a few weeks ago (no price given, just NC – Call us).

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