40D, Canon leaks from China

This time, this is for sure. Canon leaked information about the new D-SLR on its Hong-Kong web site. No technical data (only an empty page with the interesting name), but the name is now confirmed. We are probably only a few hours/days from real data coming from Canon.

After less than 24 hours, Canon replaced the contents with a good old description of the EOS 400D.

2 Replies to “40D, Canon leaks from China”

  1. It has been suggested that the thing was actually a typo while creating a page for the Canon EOS 400D.

    Others tell that this is the way to leak information intentionnally, but discreetly.

  2. What trash! Especially putting links to known thieves and scammers like Royal, CCI, and Genius.

    Check resellerratings.com before buying anything.


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