90% of games won’t run on Vista

If you regularly read the news on this site, you know that I am not fully in favor of buying an OS software that could well be more expensive than the computer holding it (more than 500€ for the richer version of Vista). But I did not expect the announcement made by Alex St. John, chief executive of video game producer WildTangent.

Security went to the front line while developing Vista (who could complain?), but this comes against functionality. And video games are definitely sensitive applications because they include so many different functions. In-game saving may become difficult with the presence of the Rights Management feature of Vista, game network features will soon become a nightmare and ESRB video game classification (allowing total control for parents over what their children can or can’t do on their computer) has decided to deny games already installed or not yet rated (the vast majority).

Again: I advise you not to rush to install the yet-to-be-sweetened Vista…

Origin: TG daily.

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