Why you want to start your own blog

Some time ago, most people would not even think about creating a web site. Today, it became so easy to do (see another post coming soon) that the only question is not how, but why. Consequently, I decided to give you a few of the common ideas that led most web site designers and bloggers (even amateur ones):

  • Initially, because you have something to tell. Of course, you should start only if people usually ask you about something and consider that you have something interesting to say about it. If it is not the case, you may be led by the will to become this kind of expert or reference person on an issue you like.
  • Because you can. We do a lot of things just because we can, not for very complex reasons 😉
  • Because being recognized expert on a field may attract some interesting job that you could not consider in any other way. I remember that Tom’s Hardware was started by a medical student who had some understanding of technology and hitech gadgets. He moved from Medecine to Technology.
  • Because -if you do it well- you may earn a neat income. Most blogs do not bring any money. However, some are quite a neat source of money. A few thousands of visits per day (easily reachable if you are persistent enough to produce at least 100 posts per year) will be easily monetized to a few hundred dollars per year with the help of Google AdSense or other polite/discreet advertising.

Of course, you need to spend some time to it. But, this is not a lot. For many people browsing the Internet is already a daily activity. Spending a few minutes to keep a log of your activities or researches would be easy. Spending a few hours a week to write about your hobby is usually a neat way to ensure that your knowledge is understandable and that you can share it with others. In some cases, you will even notice that some of your friends will go to your web site before asking you for details that will make the matter for further posts (I often re-use some of my emails into posts).

Will 2007 be the year of your web site?

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