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  • Pi to one MILLION decimal places

    Pi to one MILLION decimal places

    One million useless figures The “most useless page” of this web site shows the first million decimal figures of PI (Do you remember your math? PI=3.14, more or less). All this is a kind of « virtual partnership » with French scientific magazine La Recherche whose December 2005 issue is titled : « Pi, le maître nombre » (Pi, the Master number). There,…

  • Want a new job?

    Want a new job?

    So, you are considering switching jobs to reach a new level or get a better salary. I’m sure that you already connected to and LinkedIn. But you may need a few more resources to improve your chances. I have few unusal ideas to help: BestJobs will find you interesting job offers in Europe. Creating…

  • 3 Berkeley Lab radiation experts about Fukushima

    This is an exceptionally precise and understandable presentation of the knowledge amassed about the Fukushima dramatic events since 11th March 2011. On April 17, 2011, Robert Budnitz, Ed Morse and Tom McKone discussed Japan’s nuclear crisis. I recommend their comments (including the web sites they list in the end of the presentation). YouTube link Listed…

  • Corporate profiles and company information

    There are many good reasons to check a company profile. I can immediately think about the purchasing manager willing to evaluate whether a potential supplier is reliable, a job seeker willing to ensure that his/her résumé will go only to companies whose strength is safe enough to harbor him/her for a long time, a company willing…

  • High temperatures, low temperatures

    High temperatures, low temperatures

    Here, we don’t even speak about Summer or Winter; This is not about global warming either. The Rasmussen College presents us a great poster sweeping the widest possible range of temperatures to allow us to travel through universe’s thermal diversity. I hope they will sell the poster somewhere.

  • The day of all beards

    The day of all beards

    Beards, they are amazing, full of surprises, flowering with novelty. Do you want some evidence? You can join the competition for the beard holding the largest number of wooden toothpicks: If you feel a pinch, don’t accuse the beard! In order to stay on the competition field, there was this beard contest in Alaska in…