The most expensive ads on Google

Google sells advertising. There is some of it on my web site pages. Normally, as a web site owner, I don’t really look at the price ads are sold (I don’t buy ads to publicize and market my web site). But, nonetheless, I was curious about the price ads are sold to Google customers. More precisely, I tried to identify the ads that are sold at the higher price.

To scrutiny those, I used AdWords, Google’s tool for vendors; It allows to evaluate prices. The result is nearly shocking if you look at the highest scores. They are systematically grouped in a few narrow categories:

  • Loan financing or refinancing – often to pay college
  • Automobile insurance
  • Attorneys and personal lawsuits

First, we can notice that this is significantly skewed towards the American way of life. But these are obviously related to commercial topics linked to professions and skills that can earn you A LOT of money if you can sell them right (isn’t it the main purpose of any publicity and advertising?)

I collected a list of the most expensive search words I could find.

school loan consolidation €53.56
car insurance quotes €51.45
auto insurance quotes €50.98
erie auto insurance €47.63
student loan consolidation rates €46.24
student loan consolidation €44.43
student consolidation €44.30
consolidation student €44.30
term life quote €43.81
insurance car €40.96
car insurance €40.96
consolidation of student loans €40.31
car insurance quote €40.09
new york car insurance €35.77
online auto insurance quote €35.62
online car insurance €35.31
car insurance rate €35.28
online auto insurance €34.80
online life insurance €34.14
compare car insurance €33.58
free car insurance quote €33.21
auto insurance comparisons €32.78
life insurance quotes €32.07
florida car insurance €31.91
term life insurance €31.89
cheap auto insurance €31.23
cheap car insurance €30.75
tesco car insurance €30.09
car insurance rates €29.61
college loan €29.29
auto accident lawyers €28.46
cheapest car insurance €28.32
the hartford auto insurance €27.22
general american life insurance €25.47
car insurance qoutes €25.43
car insurance in florida €24.63
auto insurance €24.27
insurance auto €24.27
car accident attorneys €24.03
car insurance california €23.60
car accident attorney €23.38
mega life health insurance €23.36
chicago personal injury lawyer €22.14
car insurance companies €21.95
auto insurance in nj €21.91
best auto insurance €21.65
car insurance ny €21.00
21 auto insurance €20.93
accident lawyer €20.84
ma car insurance €20.68
personal injury lawyer €20.54
life insurance comparison €20.46
instant auto insurance quote €20.37
personal injury attorney €20.28

If somebody with CSS experience knows why this table is displayed so low on the page, I’ll be interested. I couldn’t find the explanation (and the solution) yet.

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  1. there could be one of the two reasons your table is being displayed so low –

    (1). Presence of lots of breaks just above the table div in your html code.

    (2). presence of another div which is invisible just above the table div.

    However you can find out yourself by running the website on google chrome then making a right click on the web page and selecting “inspect element” from the menue, after which you can inspect your page.

  2. Thanks ayush. Your suggestion did not lead me to much more than “looking again”, but it was the needed trigger. Apparently, this was an issue coming from some weird interaction between Upper-case HTML tags and either WordPress or my CSS. At least, this is easily solved if not correctly understood.

    I thought that HTML was case-insensitive…

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