CompactDrive PD70X, latest news

CompactDrive PD70XFor me, the CompactDrive PD70X is still a marvellous machine when you want to copy your flash memory cards onto portable hard disc storage. It still owns the speed record and it behaves like a camel when it comes to electric energy.

Today, I learned a few interesting informations that I want to share with the other owners:

  • The HyperDrive HD80 (best distributed in the USA) seems to use the same electronics core and share the same firmwares
  • Some users have had difficulties with 2+GB cards
  • A new firmware version (2.2) is available from the German site (Resolves compatibility issues with certain Lexar CF cards; Fixes bug in usage of fragmented non-contiguous hard disk space (requires reformatting of hard drive); It is still unclear if this solves all the 2GB/4GB card problems)
  • The new firmware increases the battery charge time (to better compatibility with most recent large capacity batteries)
  • The PD70X is now officially considered by its manufacturer as a product having reached end of life and will no longer receive new firmware upgrades (but people will certainly keep checking the HyperDrive firmwares since up to now it was a successful bet)

A good product reaching end-of-life. Many advices from people wishing to replace their fastest Portable Hard Drive Storage. I remarked (but I cannot give my own opinion here):

  • HyperDrive HD80 (internally and externally similar to PD70X; probably condemned in the short term, too)
  • HyperDrive SPACE (well received by the press; very positive article in March 2007 Chasseur d’Images)
  • NeXto CF Ultra

Thanks Jérôme.



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7 responses to “CompactDrive PD70X, latest news”

  1. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    The HyperDrive SPACE does not use the same AA batteries as the HD80 and PD70X, but it is shipped with the 12V car plug that will save your (battery) life during a long African trip.

  2. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    I got a message from (distributor of CompactDrive) telling clearly that we could download the Hyperdrive firmware v2.2 ( and they confirm that “EastGear is not pulling the plug from Compactdrive, [and that they] are trying to upgrade the current website and bringing in a newer and better unit from CompactDrive.

  3. not-EastGear Avatar

    Eastgear does not support CompactDrive anymore! The only photo storage device is from NextoDI. Looks ugly and does not beat what’s HyperDrive is offering.

    They don’t even bother to support it’s customers that got the CompactDrive from them by offering directions/instructions/support on their website. Even the website redirects to eastgear and you get page 404.. page not found. That is just sad.

    You’re better off getting stuff from HyperDrive… at least they support their discontinued products and also show what newer and better stuff is available.

  4. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    Obviously, Eastgear message of early 2007 is no longer a reality in 2009…

    Not completely surprising. But anybody wishing to buy from Eastgear should remember what they think of previous customers.

    Additionally, the web site is full of errors (including an incompletely installed eCommerce solution). Sounds like either a company with a big issue of web management or a company on the brink of total failure (or both).

    Today, I would suggest to think twice before buying a Nexto from Eastgear.

  5. Roberto Avatar

    Greetings! I have found this web page while searching for the latest firmware for my PD70X which I still think is a very robust and dependable tool. Do you happen to have the 2.2 version of the firmware available? Would you possibly be able to send it to me? I have looked on the manufacturer site but they do not even mention the PD70x.
    Many thanks for any help you can provide and my compliments for your site. Very informative!
    Best regards.

  6. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    Please, have a look at

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