CompactDrive PD70X, latest news

CompactDrive PD70XFor me, the CompactDrive PD70X is still a marvellous machine when you want to copy your flash memory cards onto portable hard disc storage. It still owns the speed record and it behaves like a camel when it comes to electric energy.

Today, I learned a few interesting informations that I want to share with the other owners:

  • The HyperDrive HD80 (best distributed in the USA) seems to use the same electronics core and share the same firmwares
  • Some users have had difficulties with 2+GB cards
  • A new firmware version (2.2) is available from the German site (Resolves compatibility issues with certain Lexar CF cards; Fixes bug in usage of fragmented non-contiguous hard disk space (requires reformatting of hard drive); It is still unclear if this solves all the 2GB/4GB card problems)
  • The new firmware increases the battery charge time (to better compatibility with most recent large capacity batteries)
  • The PD70X is now officially considered by its manufacturer as a product having reached end of life and will no longer receive new firmware upgrades (but people will certainly keep checking the HyperDrive firmwares since up to now it was a successful bet)

A good product reaching end-of-life. Many advices from people wishing to replace their fastest Portable Hard Drive Storage. I remarked (but I cannot give my own opinion here):

  • HyperDrive HD80 (internally and externally similar to PD70X; probably condemned in the short term, too)
  • HyperDrive SPACE (well received by the press; very positive article in March 2007 Chasseur d’Images)
  • NeXto CF Ultra

Thanks Jérôme.

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