Which forum for WordPress?

I am currently wondering whether I could add forums to roumazeilles.net (you can give me your opinion on this). It would extend the possibility of commenting posts with even more freedom since people could even talk to each other on issues choosen quite freely.


For this,I started to check what solutions are available for a WordPress web site adminsitrator in order to stay well integrated into the original web log, with an interface as simple as possible, but providing a very good protection against SPAM (even if you nearly never see them, SPAM messages are still a pain in the neck requiring permanent attention and tools to protect the web site against the flood).


The table below give a general idea of the characteristics that I tried to check in the various products I found good enough to be detailed.

RS Discuss XD Forum WP-Forum bbPress
Integration of WP themes Undocumented Based upon a xdforum.css file Around 20 files very similar to a WP theme
WP user integration Yes Yes Yes Yes
(with the support of plugins)
Topic lock Yes ? ? ?
Most recent update 2006-08 2006-12 2006-12 2007-02
Still in development
Online help No No No Yes
Support forum Yes Yes. Only comments to 1 blog page Yes
French language No.
Translation is possible in a file
No No.
Translation is possible in a file
Protection against SPAM Uses WP words Yes.
Still sensitive to lurkers (registered users, not willing to post)
PHP support PHP5 (5.1.0RC1)



For the time being, I would favor bbPress because it is supported by a very active community and because -even if edges are still rough- rapid progress can be observed going in the right direction.

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3 responses to “Which forum for WordPress?”

  1. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    You, reader who found this information, I invite you to give your opinion about the interest of having a forum along with the rest of the web site, either by commenting along here or by leaving me a message on the contact page.

  2. GiorgioViklo Avatar


    I’ve just desided to register here, so… hello everyone ! 🙂

  3. Moniboniz Avatar

    Hello… 😉

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