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  • bbPress installation

    While installing the new forums software on (bbPress) [it was only an evaluation that will not be followed immediately by a full implementation], I noted a few of the details I needed to do in order to reach a conveniently installed package. Since bbPress is only lightly documented, it may be helpful for other.…

  • Fight SPAM and scan books

    Fight SPAM and scan books

    It is well known that the human brain has pattern matching capabilities much further advanced than those of the best equivalent software programs. This explains that failure rates of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) program may be as high as 1% (or even 2%) of errors, which is requiring later human proof-reading to ensure a reasonable…

  • Internet forums: The whole story in video

    OK! the video does not actually explains, but it translates. For those of you who know Internet forums (of all forms), it’s easy to recognize the local habits. Caution: Not safe for work. is all best understood when you pull it into real life.

  • Which forum for WordPress?

    I am currently wondering whether I could add forums to (you can give me your opinion on this). It would extend the possibility of commenting posts with even more freedom since people could even talk to each other on issues choosen quite freely. Requirements For this,I started to check what solutions are available for…