Top 10 infant mortality

The other day, I was looking at the list of the ten countries most hardly hit by infant mortality (according to the CIA World Fact Book 2005). The top 10 (or should I say Bottom 10) is:

  • Angola (197.8 for 100 births) after a civil war between 1975 and 2002
  • Afghanistan (163.07 for 100 births) in a more or less continuous war since the entry of soviet tanks end of 1979
  • Sierra Leone (162.55 for 100 births) in a civil war since 1991 (The UN forces retired in 2005, without having obtained peace)
  • Liberia (161.99 for 100 births) in a nearly permanent civil war since 1989
  • Mozambique (130.79 for 100 births) in civil war and in war with its neighbours from 1975-6 to 1992
  • Niger (119.69 for 100 births) in a state of political instability since 1974
  • Somalia (116.70 for 100 births) in war with Ethiopa or in civil war since 1977
  • Tajikistan (110.76 for 100 births) in a civil war from 1992 to 1997, with stationned troups from Russia, US and France since 2001
  • Mali (109.47 for 100 births)
  • Guinea Bissau (107.15 for 100 births) in a civil war since 1998

Is it me or almost all of them are in war zones? Cause or consequence?

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