Canon 30D is out, here comes the Canon 40D!

This is what can be read out of a post on a DPReview forum. The production of Canon EOS 30D would be officially finished in expectation of the Canon EOS 40D (the latest sequel in the line of Canon mid-line of digital Single Lens Reflex cameras).

Confirmation, anybody?






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  1. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    Since the Canon EOS 5D is also reaching end of production, we could expect a simultaneous launch of the Canon EOS 40D and Canon EOS 6D, could we? Or even better, could we see a regrouping of both lines into a single prodcut that would be bringing the best out of both lines. Some kind of Full-Frame improved Canon EOS 30D.

    Wouldn’t it be great? Not impossilbe… just unexpected if you only read the rumours on the Internet.

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