Jesuits always missionaries for Christ: Second Life

Jesuits belong to a catholic church order that can be rightfully praised for its passion for spreading the word of God to all ends of the world and for science in general (and some less brilliant moments, I have to admit). Today, we learn from Antonio Spadaro in La Civilta Cattolica a Jesuit Rome-based journal, that Second Life, the simulation-based Internet game and environment , is not only a place where “the erotic dimension is very present” but “it needs to be understood… the best way to understand it is to enter it” and this must be read as a invitation to explore the possibilities of modern mission.

In a sense, it made me think about The sparrow, the excellent SciFi book of Mary Doria Russell, which is setting her story around a Jesuit sent to mission to a distant planet and into the core of human soul.

Source: Reuters.

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