November 2007: Giant leap for PC gaming

Do you remember 2004? In this year, we saw the birth of FarCry, Half Life 2 and Doom 3, three games that really redefined PC gaming. This year, in November, we will see a blooming of new games which are set to retrace the PC gaming industy.

Expect no less than:

  • Hellgate: London is for multiplayer action
  • Gears of War brings more action on the PC
  • Crysis is expected to be the First Person Shooter of the year
  • John Woo’s Stranglehold is already on the market and looks impressive on wide screens at 1920×1200 resolutions (or more) if you have a good hardware

I can forecast that you will be buying some of these and that it will mean that you will look into multi-core CPUs, new graphics cards and possibly a new Windows Vista (for DirectX 10 compatibility).

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