Sony Alpha 300, Sony Alpha 350 – mid-range cameras

Nearly incredible, Sony let the cat out with information scooped on their Sony Style web site: New mid-range digital single lens reflex cameras. Not one, but two of them! One Alpha 300 with 10 mega-pixels and one Alpha 350 with 14.2 mega-pixels.

Beware, they will be quite easy to recognize because they bring LiveView (no need for the viewfinder, like on most compact point-n-shoot cameras) and a widely-orientable LCD screen.

See the images published here a few days ago.

Sony Alpha 300

After the shock of finding this rear screen there is another surprise. The race for more pixels has not ended for entry-level and medium-range cameras, even if the more expensive cameras for the enthusiasts and pros are more moderate and target more quality instead of more pixels (like the Sony Alpha 700).





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  1. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    My last remarks in this post becomes much less obvious in the light of my next announcement (less than 2 days after the initial sentences): Arrival of the Sony Alpha 900 camera with… 24.81 mega-pixels.

    Soemtimes, the author I am would like to erase or correct heavily, while the editor I am prohibits it.


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