Shanghai IDF 2008: Assistance needs assistance

Intel has several Developer forums per year in the world. In Spring 2008, they went to Shanghai in order to reveal the future of computers, mobile data and processors. Oddly enough, I also was in Shanghai at the same time.

I observed not the forum itself, but people going to the Forum (located in the Shanghai International Convention Center). Some of them were cramed in the Sofitel Jin Jiang Oriental Pudong (Tong Jin Jiang Pudong Hotel). Man! Do they think that the attendees are dumb? Any person (probably identified by his/her westerner/caucasian appearance) staying more than 30 seconds in the lobby would be met by some Intel-appointed people asking “are you here for the Intel forum?” and immediately trying to help you to the shuttles.

This is nice, I suppose, if your lost. But it seems that the Intel people were guessing that any IDF participants would have to be too dumb to see the buses stopped in front of the hotel doors.

Was it an evaluation of the mental capacity of developers or of journalists?

Intel Developer Forum – Shanghai 2008.




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