Price of the Full Frame SLR

With the arrival of several Full Frame SLRs on the market, people start wondering what they should buy or what they should wait. Actually, we can expect to see very real price differences, so I thought it would be good to make a summary for us:

SLR Price
(body only)
Canon EOS 5D <$1900
On sale, end of life
Sony Alpha 900 <$2000
According to Photography Bay,
available in Sep-Oct 08
Canon EOS 5D MkII/6D/7D <$2500
My guess-timate
Nikon D700 <$3000
available in July 08
Nikon D3 <$4000
Available now
Nikon D3x ??? Expected for 2009
Canon EOS 1Ds MkIII $4000-$8000
Available now

As you can notice, it is expected that the Sony Alpha 900 will be targetting low prices despite it’s 24MP sensor (or it will have a little Alpha 800 brother, while the Alpha 900 would shoot for a higher price point). But the current Canon EOS 5D seems to be an astonishingly good bargain (while stocks last).

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