Diffraction and digital photography

Several times, I talked about the limitation to photo image quality by light diffraction but I failed to go into the details. To the general request of one reader who asked, I will try to give some explanations to better understand why the digital photographer must absolutely take that into account to make better pictures… Read More

Price of the Full Frame SLR

With the arrival of several Full Frame SLRs on the market, people start wondering what they should buy or what they should wait. Actually, we can expect to see very real price differences, so I thought it would be good to make a summary for us: SLR Price(body only) Comment Canon EOS 5D <$1900<1600€ On… Read More

Price of the Alpha 900

I have been asked by some people about the price of the upcoming Sony Alpha 900 flagship digital SLR camera. The problem is that there is no information filtering down from Sony. The only thing that we can say is that there is a body of indirect evidence that points to some pretty serious competition… Read More

Why go Full Frame?

With all this talk about existing Full-Frame photo cameras (Canon EOS 5D, Nikon D3) and about possibly upcoming new ones (Sony Alpha 900, Canon EOS 5D Mk II or some other similar name, etc.) many photographers happy with their existing digital equipment are wondering: “What’s all the fuss about?” And it’s a good question to… Read More

Canon EOS 5D Mk II as Fool’s day joke?

Out of Canon, nobody seems to really have a clue about what will be the successor to the Canon EOS 5D. Most people assume that it will be named either Canon EOS 5D Mk II (the most probable possibility according to several sources), Canon EOS 6D or even Canon EOS 7D. However, this does not… Read More

Sony Alpha 900: 24.8 mega-pixels in Full Frame in 2008

Ok! Sony did not disclose this in so many words yet, but it’s become quite clear. Let’s review the facts and the rumours: Fact: Last year, Sony showed a mockup of a future Digital SLR camera tagged as “flagship”. Rumour: The enormous size of the pentaprism of the viewfinder shown lets people wonder whether Sony… Read More