Sony Alpha 800, why not?

For sure, we heard a lot of rumours more or less tolerable, but here is one that does not seem to have a lot more ground than the wishes of some Sony customers afraid of discovering too high a price for the upcoming Sony Alpha 900. Guess what? 24 millions pixels could ask for a steep price, nearer to 3000€ or 4000$ than the target of 2000$ that you could maintain if you are ready to purchase a bargain end-of-life Canon EOS 5D (nearing official retirement but not dead yet, for sure).

The arrival of the Nikon D700 with a Full Frame sensor of a lower resolution than the high-end cameras like the Nikon D3 (or the Sony Alpha 900) had people murmuring that maybe (and I have to heavily insist on this maybe word) Nikon and Sony would share a 12-16 million-pixel Full Frame sensor. Nikon would launch a Nikon D700 and Sony would launch a similar Sony Alpha 800 sometimes nicknamed “flagcheap” (“flagship” designating the top-of-the-line Sony, the Alpha 900, “flag-cheap” is a word game on “cheap” for a cheaper camera).

It is impossible to tell if there is any truth to it. Assuredly, the lack of recent information about the Sony Alpha 900 (and most importantly its price target) had heads spinning and marketing laws or logic law being what they are, plugging a price hole in the Sony SLR camera range may become an urgent necessity. Sony could fill it with the Alpha 800. And it previously occured that Sony hid some products behind the visibility of another camera (see the example of the Alpha 300/350).





4 responses to “Sony Alpha 800, why not?”

  1. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    I now doubt that the Sony Alpha 800 would be Full Frame. It would be better understood as a high-end successor to the Sony Alpha 700 (with an APS-C sensor).

  2. guy villeneuve Avatar
    guy villeneuve

    it makes some senses as the maxxum 800 had the biggest flash gn also would be ok with less pixels but better noise performance for sure……LIVE VIEW and video with autofocus would help……….

  3. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    More of the possible specification on YLovePhoto.

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