Canon at the Olympic Games

The current rumour is that top hats from Canon Japan are currently travelling to China to support the imminent launch of one or two new SLR cameras for the brand. It would be the replacement for the Canon EOS 5D (the most repeated name is now Canon EOS 7D, but who knows) and the successor to the Canon EOS 40D (obviously named EOS 50D).

Since the EOS 5D MkII is expected around this time and no later than September PMA fair, this is quite a possibility and having a handful of these cameras in the hands of pro photographers for all to see would be a very nice promotional opportunity for Canon. This is much needed after the thunderous launch of the Nikon D700 and just before the arrival of the Sony Alpha 800/900 (direct competitors in the Full Frame SLR camera market).

I’m still sceptical about an EOS 50D that would be arriving a little too early according to Canon habits in terms of launches, except if it was a low-cost version of the previous Full Frame camera. And, there, it would be a great event. Think about it! Simultaneous launch of two war machines hitting right into the center of the preoccupations of the most enthusiast photographers.

Some people expect the announcement to happen on Monday.




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