Nikon, the show is going on

Impressive as the Nikon D700 arrival was, it seems that this is not the end of the great launches for the yellow brand. Several people have been playing with the notion of seeing more SLR cameras coming soon, but Thom Hogan is usually quite knowledgeable about Nikon. So, when it says that things are moving fast, it should be quite right.

Essentially, Thom is saying “3 new SLR cameras before the end of 2008“. And, this would mean that all the probable/expected cameras are coming to fruition in the coming months:

  • Nikon D800/D900: A big image version of the Nikon D700 (based upon the Sony 24MP Full Frame sensor).
  • Nikon D3x or Nikon D4: the high-end replacement for the Nikon D3 (but the name seems not to be confirmed at all, right now).
  • Nikon D90: The camera aimed at the low end of the SLR market. Since Nikon is still resisting to the Canon lower-end (the Canon EOS 1000D is still a little expensive compared to the Nikon D60).




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