Two Sony Alpha cameras

Tomorrow, Sony will present to a tighly selected audience a few new photo products among which everybody expects to find the flagship camera taht was announced already more than a year ago. This camera will be the first Sony camera using a Full Frame sensor with 24 millions of pixels.

Most people think that the camera will be christened Sony Alpha 900 (the 9 figure has been used by Minolta for its pro lines). But, well, uhm, the rumor is running free. In Chasseur d’Image, we read that there could be a declination of the camera. Is Sony going to play to the same tune as for the Alpha 300 and Alpha 350?

Why not? It’s only a matter of launching simultaneously a Sony Alpha 900 and an Alpha 950. Both would share the same nice robust body seen previously here and there. But the digital sensor would be different. Imagine:

  • Sony Alpha 900 with a 14MP Full Frame sensor
  • Sony Alpha 950 with a 24MP Full Frame sensor

or even:

  • Sony Alpha 800 with a 14MP APS-C sensor
  • Sony Alpha 900 with a 24MP Full Frame sensor

Check here later.

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