10 things Linux does better than Windows

I found this nice article of the same title (“10 things Linux does better than Windows“) on TechRepublic.com. I found it interesting because I could not really find all 10 of them. Will you be able to list all of them?

  1. TCO (Total Cost of Ownership): Linux is less expensive in an enterprise because of the high cost of per-seat licenses.
  2. Desktop: Nowadays, Linux is as easy as Windows for most entry-level users.
  3. Server: So many servers are now running on Linux.
  4. Security: Windows progressed a lot recently, but is still the target of a lot of malware, virus, Trojans, etc. that Linux has avoided by immunity through faster problem fixes.
  5. Flexibility: Linux is amazingly able to adapt itself to various applications and environments.
  6. Package management: Installation of new applications in Linux is years ahead of the dinosaur Install-Software solution of Microsoft.
  7. Community: Not that the Linux community would be larger, but it is so much more active and willing to support all kinds of users.
  8. Interoperability: Windows works well with Windows. For the rest, just go to Linux if you want to interoperate with Apple OS X, various Unix systems, various Linux distributions, OS/2, PlayStations, PDAs, and… Windows.
  9. Command line: You may not need to use it, but when times come for it, Linux command line is worlds better than Microsoft mock-up.
  10. Evolution: Do you remember the feel of going from XP to Vista? Do you remember how many times Microsoft forced you to upgrade machines? Linux is much more adaptable and provides a proven smooth path to newer, better versions.

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