Nikon D400 on YLovePhoto

Nikon D400, scoop
Nouveau Nikon D400

Would you be interested in knowing what the next Nikon dSLR is going to be? A Chinese web site wants you to know everything about the Nikon D400.






2 responses to “Nikon D400 on YLovePhoto”

  1. ronald mathis Avatar
    ronald mathis

    Yes I’m about to purchase a new Nikon DSLR If there is a new
    model about to be introduced I would like to know as much as
    possible about it. Since this may effect my next purchase.

    Thank You,

    Ronald Mathis

  2. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    All I can suggest is that you check regularly the information on YLovePhoto.

    It is now fairly sure that the Nikon D400 is coming. However, remember that at any time there is always a new camera coming up. Choose the camera you need, not the camera others are dreaming up.

    There are even some people who advise (with some good reasons) never to by the latest camera, but the previous generation because it can have better price-feature ratio.

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