Ryan Air has new ideas to charge its customers

We knew that Ryan Air was an Irish airline able to bring air fares to a very low level. They use all tricks at their disposition to spend as little money as possible. But sometimes they go too far and their latest ideas give a bad press to the whole low-cost airline industry which were merely having you pay for your lunch in the plane (and, after all, why not pay your own soda like in any convenient pub on the ground?) Here are some of their latest brillant proposals (sometimes already in place):

  • They tried to tell that there should be no valuables (sunglasses in the trial case) in the checked-in luggage. A judge corrected this.
  • It appears that on several trips, buying a round-trip is more expensive that buying two one-way tickets. Always check!
  • Ryan Air want to fine passengers caught with a hand luggage over the weight limit (checked-in luggage has to be paid for).
  • Ryan Air proposes to charge passengers to use the in-plane toilets. Your flight would better be on-time if you don’t have small change, or will they accept credit cards…

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