Nero 9, for free. No thanks!

A rather interesting article of DownloadSquad tells us about the trial version that Nero offers for its Nero 9. I had already mentioned that there are solutions to pay nothing in order to get Nero 8 in free download (see lower), but it goes quite far.

  1. You must give them your email address to download the trial version for Nero 9 – What do they want it for? Some Spam database address?
  2. The installation brings an tool bar – Why do we want this?
  3. At the end of the installation, you are requested to transmit (anonymously) some additional information – What data? Why?
  4. At first launch, you are requested your email address again – Those guys have no memory, I guess…
  5. The free version does only data discs (no audio discs) – This is nothing more than the really free software programs shown below
  6. Knowing that, the splash screen start only use is to show you what you don’t have in the free trial version – Speak about teasing me!
  7. Of course, the uninstall process does not fully clean your machine – They are not even able to do it, or not even polite enough to do it…
  8. With 55MB to download, this is only 20 to 50 times bigger than the real free alternatives!

So, I suggest that you turn to other options that are really free and well-polished:

5 Replies to “Nero 9, for free. No thanks!”

  1. So far nero 9 has done alot of good for me. It has helped me burn data for my own use, and it’s been very easy to use and faster. So far the best.

  2. Nabong,

    Read me well. I did not say it’s a bad product. It’s just that it’s full of unpleasant things and there are other products with a much better price/feature ratio.

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