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  • How to copy a CD-A in FLAC with Exact Audio Copy?

    How to copy a CD-A in FLAC with Exact Audio Copy?

    Exact Audio Copy (aka EAC) is the perfect tool to extract music data out of an audio CD or CD-A (to rip a CD) and convert it to a flexible audio file format like MP3, or even better into FLAC. Not only is it able to read the data and transfer it, but it is…

  • CD-rip: MP3 or FLAC?

    CD-rip: MP3 or FLAC?

    As a matter of fact, when you wanted to copy (or rip) a CD-A disc, you reflexively went for recording in MP3 format. Everybody (or, more precisely, all the programs, all the audio players — pocket-sized or home-cinema-based — can read it. It’s compact an duniversal. But when I wanted to transfer ma CD library…

  • My own participation to Emacs history

    My own participation to Emacs history

    A few versions of this text editor (sometimes) loved by many software programmers / Archive of old Emacs versions.

  • Free fonts by the thousands

    Free fonts by the thousands

    You can’t have too many fonts for your computer. Or can you? Actually, I am trying to make sure that you will get much more than you can swallow here: tens of thousands of character fonts. Not only a bunch of them, but two sources of the nicest kind. FontPark is nothing less than a…

  • Best locations for wallpapers

    Best locations for wallpapers

    You find them anywhere and everywhere, but it’s not always worth the visit. To find a beautiful wallpaper for your computer (even more if it has seevral screens), you need to find reliable sources of nice wallpapers. I wrote down a few of the best ones here: The wallpaper section of National Geographic Digital Blasphemy…

  • Let the US government teach you a language

    These are language courses which have been developed by the US government and are set in the public domain. So, you can use them as much as you want. A long list of languages: Amharic Arabic Bulgarian Cambodian Cantonese Chinese Chinyanja Czech Finnish French Fula German Greek Hausa Hebrew Hindi Hungarian Igbo Italian Japanese Kituba…