Ganesh Chaturthi

On August 30, 2009, I shot a few images during the Ganesh Chaturthi festival in Paris, France. Here is a selection.

_DSC3105w Ganesh
_DSC3329w _DSC3245w _DSC3221w

_DSC3143w _DSC3134w _DSC3155w
_DSC3257w _DSC3197w _DSC3119w
_DSC3149w _DSC3207w _DSC3176w
_DSC3126w _DSC3167w _DSC3187w
_DSC3196w _DSC3279w _DSC3110w

Next time, I’ll bring a cobra flash in order to lighten a little the shadows… and I recommend having clothes which will tolerate being drowned into coco milk.



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