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You love books, you love all about old books, stock paper, engravings, intaglio printing, hollow back binding, etc. The electronic book cannot satisfy your thirst for reading and touching books. So, here I am with some weird news for you.

First, the journal Analytical Chemistry teaches us that, even if we love the smell of those old books, this is the perfume of Death itself. It goes as far as using the identification of some chemical substances to determine which book is most in need of protection and help before too early a decease [1]. And, for this, researchers from the University College London’s Centre for Sustainable Heritage now use a chromatograph/mass-spectrometer.

But, by Jove! Old books will loose their odor? Of course not! Here come the replacement smell. I dare say: Luxurious perfume for the old restored writings, for the savorless new e-Book, for the amateur of foreseeable bibliophily! Here comes the new book smell in a pressurize can. has it for $28.99 only!

In order to close with something a little more tasteful, I advise you to discover these ex-libris plates (famous or not) which will bring you back into past ages and will not make us walk in giant’s footsteps but somewhat visit some giant’s reading habits: The Extraordinary World of Ex Libris Art.

Bookplates from Amy Sacker (XIX/XX century)

Bookplates from Amy Sacker (XIX/XX century)

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