1. All these shots were done with my beloved Minolta APO G 400mm f/4.5 (a marvellous lens).

    Actually, those are three different crocs. In all cases, this the result of several factors:

    • A very good boat driver able to approach the animal with minimal perturbation
    • Good choice of locations to ease the approach
    • Excellent light: Very early morning or very late evening
    • Some reasonable re-framing (the last two ones are actually part of the same RAW file)
    • A little bit of patience

    One additional element hidden here: I am not that good at shooting pictures, so I first shoot one “for the memory”, then I start thinking about light, focus, future framing in PS, exposure, etc. In this second phase I tend to burn memory card more quickly than most (trying, trying, trying again, varying my options on each shot).

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