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So, as suggested, you used Yahoo! Answers to grab the attention of Yahoo! users (and Yahoo! search engine) and of people who have questions to ask. So, you thought that this was the end of it? Of course not. Even if Yahoo! has a great legion of followers (specially in the USA and in the less-geeky public), they are not the only place where you can go and quick attention to your great new web site. There are actually plenty of other locations on the web where people go to ask questions and get answers. You will be able to use the same tactics (already described on YWantVisits.com) to spread knowledge and knowledge about your site.

  1. Yahoo! Answers – Ask. Answer. Discover.
  2. Answerbag – Ask Questions, Share Answers.
  3. eHow – How To Do Just About Everything!
  4. Mahalo Answers – Share Knowledge, Learn, and Get Questions Answered
  5. Howcast – How-to videos and guides
  6. Fluther – Tap the collective
  7. Stack Overflow – Collaboratively edited question & answer site
  8. SnappyFingers – Relevant answers for your frequent questions
  9. Fifty People One Question – Ask fifty people the same question
  10. Answerly – All you have to do is ask!
  11. Mosio – Mobile questions. Answers. People.
  12. PicAnswers – Picture Question & Answer Site
  13. AskMeGo – Get & Give Advices
  14. ToAnswer – Get your questions answered
  15. Tweet Answers – Ask Questions, Get Answers!
  16. TripShake – Answers on the go
  17. teksup – User Powered Live Support
  18. BlabberMash – Ask questions and get advice from other people
  19. Defuddle – Where Questions Go to Get Answered
  20. folkstown – Get Answered by Ordinary People
  21. QToro – Bite-Size Knowledge
  22. Answers.com – Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more
  23. Plinky – Create inspired content on the web
  24. TwttrStrm – Ask a question of your Twitter followers and easily gather all their answers in one spot
  25. Whyzz – Kids Questions & Answers




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