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  • Computer games before marketing

    Computer games before marketing

    Many years ago, computer video games was already requiring advertising, but there was only a skeleton of marketing. Advertising costs were probably much lower than what today’s blockbusters budgets reach: A mere list of prices.

  • Manufacturing playing cards

    Chinese workers making decks of cards. They are quick! However, I wonder how long they can sustain such a rhythm. YouTube link

  • Corporate profiles and company information

    There are many good reasons to check a company profile. I can immediately think about the purchasing manager willing to evaluate whether a potential supplier is reliable, a job seeker willing to ensure that his/her résumé will go only to companies whose strength is safe enough to harbor him/her for a long time, a company willing…

  • A Chevy VOLT manufactured in 2 minutes

    The electric car from Chevrolet, like the new VOLT, is manufactured like nearly any other cars. Let’s see how. YouTube link

  • Inflatable Bra

    This Japanese ad presents us the very useful (?) inflatable bra which allows to choose your volume depending on circumstances and according to the control. It’s even better than Wonderbra… YouTube link

  • The invention of big RAM memory

    The invention of big RAM memory

    Before we could discuss of whether or not it’s useful to have more than 4 giga-bytes of RAM memory in a PC, some people had to work with slightly less space.