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  • How to copy a CD-A in FLAC with Exact Audio Copy?

    How to copy a CD-A in FLAC with Exact Audio Copy?

    Exact Audio Copy (aka EAC) is the perfect tool to extract music data out of an audio CD or CD-A (to rip a CD) and convert it to a flexible audio file format like MP3, or even better into FLAC. Not only is it able to read the data and transfer it, but it is…

  • CD-rip: MP3 or FLAC?

    CD-rip: MP3 or FLAC?

    As a matter of fact, when you wanted to copy (or rip) a CD-A disc, you reflexively went for recording in MP3 format. Everybody (or, more precisely, all the programs, all the audio players — pocket-sized or home-cinema-based — can read it. It’s compact an duniversal. But when I wanted to transfer ma CD library…

  • Let Particle Physics have fun

    I don’t know why but this video clip attracts me strangely. Even if I don’t understand all the advanced notions that are evocated quickly one after the other, (I am not really up-to-date despite all my efforts to understand some of it), I bow in front of the enormous work to adapt Queen’s music (Bohemian…

  • The sea of pianos

    I recently received an email from Tom Wrigglesworth inviting me to have a look at a recently published video. Usually, I let such requests go by (if they are not just caught and dumped by my anti-spam filter). Sometimes, I have a look at them. Today, I was stopped by the sheer simplicity of this…

  • The flight of the bumblebee

    YouTube link And try not to admire the mimics of Malena Ernman, the singer.

  • JerkSystem


    JerkSystem during the Emergenza National Finals, in Elysée Montmartre (Paris) on June 26th, 2010. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images Some of the images are available as posters and large prints on If you need others, please, feel free to contact me directly to arrange for other prints. JerkSystem on MySpace.