Free movies, ad-supported, DRM-spiked

I cannot really test it from my trip in South America. However, I thought useful to inform you that there is a new web site providing free movies. You just have to accept some ads (not very different from what you have on most TV channels). SpiralFrog Did I speak about its legal status? It… Read More

DVD in China: One manufacturer out, one format in

Strange coincidence in the recent press releases about DVD discs. For the first time, the industry group that manages the licenses for the DVD format (the DVD 6C Licensing Group or DVD 6C) decided to revoque the DVD patent agreement of Chinese manufacturer Chaoyue (Jiangsu) Digital [1]. They must have been doing really ugly things… Read More

Universal Flash Storage (UFS): Great idea or 20th Flash format?

A few days ago, it has been released publicly that a new Flash memory card format is arriving. I can see the John “Consumer” Doe thrilled in anticipation of yet another new card format: UFS. I can imagine that it will solve all existing issues with dozens of previously existing -and incompatible- memory cards. This… Read More

News from the P2P front line

It has been quite some time that I did not write about the P2P news. They start popping up everywhere and it is time to talk about the wonderful things happening right under our eyes. First, the Internet users start to find again -in Europe- some protection since a decision from the European Justice Court:… Read More

All the Warner catalog for free

And it does not even look illegal: Warner signed a partnership with imeem to share the adveertisment revenues from the web site when the North American users freely listen to the music freely available from the Warner catalog (including Madonna, Linkin Park, Green Day, Josh Groban, Faith Hill, My Chemical Romance, Big & Rich, John… Read More

Watch TV online for free

OK, I know that I don’t have TV because I don’t want to be continuously force-fed with mindless junk. However, plenty of people would like to be able to have their TV on the Internet. Up to now, you were mostly depending on your ISP and possibly some subscription additional to your basic broadband Internet… Read More

Music without limits

The recent news lead me to talk again about digital music and its cohabitation (or lack of) with network technology. As a matter of fact, we learn this week that our new French President is in favor of a strong action against pirated music and downloads. This is not very new, indeed, but the confirmation… Read More