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  • Thrilled, Thriller

  • Schubert-Liszt concert

    Schubert-Liszt concert

    Free ad for friends in concert in Paris in a few weeks. Schubert Concert on Sunday 24 May 2009 @ 12h30.

  • Free movies (many)

    Free movies (many)

    We all love when things come free to us. Here I found a treasure trove of movies that are free to download. Legally. Thanks to the Canadians of the National Film Board of Canada. They give us feature-length movies, documentaries, animated short movies. Everything, of the best quality, at the best price: Free.

  • Stop-motion graphic equalizer

    Link to Vimeo

  • Screenplay for “The Wall” (Pink Floyd)

    We do not often see the sceenplay of a movie we like. Maybe it’s fortunate because they are hardly exhilarating except when they come from Alfred Hitchcock (the man was a maniac of detailed preparation) or when they describe all about animation movies. The Wall, the Alan Parker movie created with the eponymous music album…

  • Musical scores

    Musical scores

    Some musical scores are really out-of-this world: One musical score drawing up the map of the whole world: Play Song Buy Song: World Beat Music PI, the mathematical constant, can easily be transformed into a curious musical score may be honoring the memory of Bach and Pythagoras: But I really love the work of Atushi…